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Our Community
by Cathy Grigsby - Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 2:38 PM

We are a small group of people not within any religious structure who have been called to a new monastic way based on the teachings of Beverly Lanzetta. Our monastery has no walls and we live all over the country. Many of us have jobs in the world. Our monasticism is deeply held in our hearts, our individual spiritual practices and our communion with one another. This web site is mainly for the purpose of deep communication between our members. Our community began with eight of us taking vows in 2008. We have grown to a community of 18. We have a summer retreat for the whole community and regional winter retreats.

For more information about our community, contact Cathy Grigsby at:

May your life be filled with divine blessings. 
Community of a New Monastic Way
For more information on this path see: Beverly Lanzetta's site